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Panasonic MC-CG917 "OptiFlow" Bag Canister Vacuum Cleaner - Corded canister vacuum cleaner review

PHVC Live mark
25 pounds weight

For those on the lookout for the best in canister pet vacuum cleaner, trying out the much talked about Panasonic MC-CG917 “Optiflow” Bag Canister Vacuum Cleaner would certainly be a great way forward. It is coming from the house of Panasonic and hence it evinces lot of interest. It is full of many modern features and therefore it would not be a bad idea to have a closer look at it. There are a number of features and over the next few lines we will be looking at a few that are quite interesting and unique.

Features And Functionalities

  • The takeaway according to many experts and customer is the 12 amp motor which generates enormous power.
  • This is well supplemented by the unique OptiFlow system. It also comes with a bag caddy which is quite big in size and it comes separately. This goes a long way in easy emptying of dust bag and it can also help in 20% better usage of the bag for larger collection of dust and pollen.
  • It also comes with another unique power nozzle which has an automatic overload protection rest and bare floor switch which is available in the handle itself.
  • The 24 feet power cord and rewinding facility helps to cover various parts of the rooms quite easily.
  • It weighs 12.3 pounds and comes with a 12 inch length, 8.75 width, 21.5 inch height.
  • It is packing with a number of tools ranging from crevice tool, floor brush, pet turbing mini brush and telescopic wand.
  • It has the best of servicing facilities available at a phone call or by sending a mail.


  • It is considered to be one of the most sought after pet hair vacuum cleaners because it cleans bare floor and stairs exceedingly well.
  • It has some of the biggest collection of onboard tools for quality cleaning.
  • The powerful 12 Amp motor is the best feature as far as this vacuum cleaner is concerned.
  • It is one of the few vacuum cleaners with a 14 inch cleaning nozzle.
  • The hose offers the facility of 360 swivel.
  • It has the approval of AAFA – Asthma & Allergy Foundation Of America.


There are hardly any disadvantages as far as this Panasonic MC-CG917 “Optiflow” Bag Canister Vacuum Cleaner is concerned. The only area of complaint could be the price.

Measures: 12″ (L) x 8.75″ (W) x 21.5″ (H), 12.3 lbs, Ebony & Green


In fine there are quite a few reasons as to why this is considered to be one of the best models of pet vacuum cleaners available in the market.

Panasonic MC-CG917 "OptiFlow" Bag Canister Vacuum Cleaner - Corded specifications

Height8.8 inches
Weight25 pounds
Length21.5 inches
Width12 inches

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