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Sanitaire Commercial SC3683B canister vacuum cleaner review

PHVC Live mark
20 feet cord
High-Efficiency filtration
1200 watts input power
10 pounds weight
2.6 liters dustbin
7 feet hose

For those die-hard canister vacuum cleaner fans, there is some good news. The Sanitaire Commercial SC3683B Canister Vacuum is now available at a very attractive price. It is from the house of Electrolux and combines top grade performance with excellent looks and aesthetics. It’s ideal for hard surfaces and bare floors and also suitable for low pile carpet cleaning.

Sanitaire SC3683B Commercial Canister Vacuum with shoulder strap

Main Specifications of the Sanitaire SC3683B

  • The 20 feet cord makes porting of the machine easy.
  • Also has a 7 feet hose to reach difficult spots and contours.
  • 10 inches cleaning width ably supported by a 1200 watt motor. The powerful motor ensures good suction.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry with the shoulder strap, weighs only 10 pounds.
  • Uses MM-63253A Premium Allergen Bags that help trap 90% of allergens, grass, weed pollen, dust mite debris and household dust.

Sanitaire SC3683B Commercial Canister Vacuum open

Sanitaire SC3683B Commercial Canister Vacuum bottom

Features And Functionalities

  • Telescopic wands ensure reaching of difficult corners and contours.
  • Optional HEPA exhaust filter is available for those who need it. It ensures cleaning of 99.97% of pollens and other microorganisms, excellent for those who suffer from allergy and asthma related problems.
  • With HEPA filter installed it has the prestigious CRI green label as far as dust controlling, soil removal and retention of carpet appearance is concerned.
  • Changing of filters and bags can be done in a few minutes, nay seconds!
  • It has a good carpet cleaning attachment.
  • Can also be used on deeper pile carpets.
  • Suitable for both residential and commercial usage.
  • The dimensions of the product are:
    • Length 18 inches
    • Width 11 inches &
    • Height 19 inches.
  • Available in red color
  • Comes with the normal 2 year warranty that is applicable to Electrolux machines.

The hose is very lightweight and often bends. It is an issue when resolved will remove the few creases that remain in this model of vacuum cleaner.

Nonetheless, there is hardly anything negative about this vacuum cleaner. Those who love hard working and durable canister vacuum machines will certainly vouch for this product. It has certain obvious features and functionalities and offers very good value for money.

What is in the box? SC3683B

Sanitaire SC3683B Commercial Canister Vacuum what's in the box

Difference between Sanitaire Commercial SC3683A and SC3683B

The model SC3683B is a successor of the model SC3683A. The only differences between these two models are in the wand and main floor tool:

  1. The SC3683A has an aluminum telescopic wand while in the SC3683B the wand assembles of two plastic pieces.
  2. The SC3683A has the main floor tool with strict shapes and two switches to control the brush: pressing down the left one hides the brush and the right one turns the brush on. The main floor tool in the SC3683B has smoother edges and only one flip button to extend/retract the brush.

Otherwise the SC3683A and SC3683B are identical.

What is in the box? SC3683A

Sanitaire Commercial SC3683A Canister Vacuum what is in the box

Sanitaire Commercial SC3683B specifications

Bag typeBagged
Cord length20 feet
Filtration EfficiencyHigh-Efficiency
Input power1200 watts
Height19 inches
Weight10 pounds
Dustbin capacity2.6 liters
Hose length7 feet
Warranty period2 years
Warranty typeLimited
Cleaning path10 inches
Suction releaseYes
Length18 inches
Width11.2 inches

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