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Hoover Quick and Light Carpet Washer, FH50035 carpet_cleaner vacuum cleaner review

PHVC Live mark
19.3 pounds weight

Hoover has been famous for coming out with some of the best vacuum cleaners over the past many years and they have taken lot of trouble to offer some of the best vacuum cleaners including some great ones for cleaning pet hair thoroughly. In line with their rich tradition and fame they have come out with the famous Hoover Quick and Light Carpet Washer, FH50035 vacuum cleaner which works well on general dirt and also on the worst types of pet hair. It is extremely feature rich and here are a few things that are worth mentioning:

Features And Specifications

  • It is a machine that offers three in one facilities. It washes, totally removes dirt and dries quickly. Hence the job of vacuuming is no longer a pain as it used to be for many years.
  • It also come with an easy to clean water tank and hence water supply after vacuuming is not a major problem.
  • It is very light and easy to port around and weighs 44 pounds.
  • It also comes with a deep cleaning power brush which is very useful for cleaning high traffic areas.
  • The Hoover Quick and Light Carpet Washer, FH50035 also has some of the best on board cleaning tools which help proper cleaning of difficult corners of the home and stairs and also carpets
  • It has the best super suction facilities and the 6 amp power motor is the secret for it.
  • It is very ergonomically designed and combines top class performance with good looks.


  • In spite of being quite big in size it is relatively light weight. However, it does the job of a heavy duty vacuum and carpet washer. It is considered the best for all high traffic areas and many use it for commercial purposes too.
  • It thoroughly cleans messes on the carpet and goes deep and digs out deeply embedded animal and pet hair. This is again possible because of the powerful motor coupled with superb suction power.


  • One complaint is that it consumes almost 500 ml of cleaning solutions if one has to follow the instruction manual. This certainly is very high consumable cost.
  • The filter often gets clogged and has to be manually removed and cleaned.


However when one looks at the overall features and compares them individually with other machines, this vacuum cleaner is a good one offering very good value for money to its customers.

Hoover Quick and Light Carpet Washer, FH50035 specifications

Height16.3 inches
Weight19.3 pounds
Length20.8 inches
Width12 inches