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Factory-Reconditioned Dyson DC28 Animal upright vacuum cleaner review

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Motorized roller brush

Though named as Factory-Reconditioned Dyson DC28 Animal this could be rated as one of the very good vacuum cleaners that are now being sold in the market. It is very feature rich and comes packed with a lot of functionalities and power. As is the case with the best vacuum cleaners, the root cyclone technology is again at the forefront as far as suction that is of the best standards is concerned.

 Specifications That Go In Making The Factory-Reconditioned Dyson DC28 Animal Special

  • This classy machine measures around 42 inches in length X 14 inches in width and around 14.3 inches in height.
  • It weighs around 27 pounds when packed and ready for shipping
  • Actual weight when unpacked should be much less.
  • Has a 6 month warranty.
  • Comes with a listed price tag of $649.
  • Since this is factory reconditioned, it is bought from it could be yours for just $289. A phenomenal saving of around 52%.
  • The best of Dyson features are there for all to see.
  • The product comes to the market only after it has thoroughly checked, strapped down to skeleton and after total refurbishment.
  • This Factory-Reconditioned Dyson DC28 Animal is as good as any new vacuum cleaner available in the market.

 Features And Functionalities

  • In one word the DC28 is a powerful animal that outperforms many other vacuums available in the market.
  • Comes with one of the most powerful suction power for sucking in even the tiniest of pet hairs.
  • The telescopic wand helps to reach very difficult angles and contours with ease.
  • It also has the renowned Airmuscle technology which is a result of three cleaner head technologies working in unison.
  • Suitable for thorough cleaning of almost all types of floors and surfaces.
  • The bin though bagless has a capacity has a capacity to hold around 5/8 gallons which is very generous to say the least.
  • It has wheels that are specially designed for easy movement.
  • The tools are easy to fit and work on.
  • The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has certified it as asthma and allergy friendly.

 A Few More Important Features Of The DC28 Dyson

  • The HEPA filter lasts a lifetime and is the best as far as capturing allergens and releasing fresh air is concerned.
  • The high torque clutch gives a lot of extra power to the brush bar.
  • Easily runs through carpet pile and sucks out dust.

 While everything about this product is just too good, the warranty period of 6-months is something that might not appeal to many customers. However, this has to be looked against the background that this is a reconditioned vacuum cleaner.

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Factory-Reconditioned Dyson DC28 Animal specifications

Roller brushMotorized
Height42.2 inches
Length14.3 inches
Width13.5 inches

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